by Wendy Ward


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How To Accomplish Your Car's Power Window Repair Successfully

You're driving down the road and getting closer to the toll booth: Instinctively you reach your hand for the switch to pull your window down but nothing happens. You realize that the switch is moving but it doesn't make the window lower. You don't even hear a noise from the window motor. All this makes you think that the device doesn't work at all. Consequently, you're forced to stop your vehicle and open the door to pay cash before driving further. At that moment, fast thoughts of a costly power window repair start attacking your brain, putting you in a terrible mood and removing the anticipated fun of your weekend. But you should not despair because you can accomplish this repair project yourself which will save a great sum of money. But before getting to the job, it's advised to learn a few steps on fixing the problem.

Well, before concluding that the window regulator has to be replaced you should deny the chance of dirty electrical contacts first. On most vehicles the major power for the switches is transferred through the master switch that is located at the driver's console. It may happen so that the switch gets dirty which causes the window malfunction. If this situation has happened to your car as well, have the contact properly cleaned and the problem is expected to be resolved.

In case if you found out that there is no dirt in the contacts and they are completely clean and if your switch functions, there is chance that the motor has burned out and needs to be replaced. Whether you're installing a Volkswagen or Honda window regulator, or the one for any other make you should take the following steps on replacing a window regulator. These steps are very similar for all makes of cars:

1. Have the door panel removed from the affected window.

2. Have the bolts that hold the regulator to the door removed carefully. To access the bolts you will probably have to lower the window manually.

3. Have the old regulator removed, don't forget to disconnect all wiring. Only then you can accomplish replacement of the old regulator into a new one. A new regulator can be bought from a parts supplier. Check up the Internet to find the most suitable options in terms of price and quality.

4. Tighten the bolts that hold the new regulator. Then have the moisture barrier reinstalled. Before you close the door panel, insure that all the wires are placed back in the door.

5. Check up the power window switch and you will certainly see that the new regulator works properly.

In any case, you're highly recommended to follow the manual on your car's power window repair. There you may find more specific instructions.

Summing it up, it's necessary to emphasize that this was only a general outline of power window repair. My goal was to convince you that this task can be successfully handled even by a beginning mechanic. In other words: don't waste your money and do it yourself! By solving the problem on your own, you'll save much money by avoiding paying not only for a replacement part but also for a few hours of labor. Start shopping online right now and compare the prices to get the best handling arrangements and shipping available.