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Amazon Echo Dot

In the recent days, we have heard more about Amazon Echo Dot. But, what is this Amazon Echo Dot? And what are its features? Etc… remained as questions in mind. Let’s dispose of all these queries in this article.

Amazon Echo Dot is a hands-free voice controlled device with a small inbuilt speaker. It is used to control smart home device, set alarms, play music, and even to read the news. Not only these, but it also helps to perform many more daily activities including providing information. Using Alexa, it shows all these activities smartly. This device helps to control fans, sprinklers, thermostats, switches, lights, and garage doors. And, Amazon Echo is also not required when you use Amazon Echo Dot and Amazon Echo Dot2. Have a glance on Amazon Echo vs. Echo Dot.

Amazon echo dot

This device helps to control fans, sprinklers, thermostats, switches, lights, and garage doors. And, Amazon Echo is also not required when you use Amazon Echo Dot and Amazon Echo Dot2.

Amazon Echo Dot2

Amazon Echo Dot2 is the 2nd generation version of Amazon Echo Dot. It is integrated and upgraded to the latest features which can act as proactive when coming to usage.  It is small in size when compared with Amazon Echo Dot and costs less. It is available in your budget and provides you with the best features.


echo dot vs echo dot 2


Amazon Echo Dot unboxing

Coming to Amazon Echo Dot unboxing, it is quite easy. The complete kit comes in a compatible box which is smaller in size. When you unbox it, you can find the Amazon Echo Dot with a grippy rubbery bottom, USB cable, plug and a manual. You can get the device handy and weighs less. You can even carry it in your pocket wherever you go.  

Echo Dot unboxing

Using Amazon Echo Dot

Once you did with the unboxing of the kit, you can start the setup process. Follow the below procedure, to set up the device.

  1. Initially, plug the device into a socket with the USB cable to charge it.
  2. Now, spin around the circular surrounding of the device to turn it on with a lightening effect.
  3. Now, you can hear a voice “Hello, Your Amazon Echo Dot is ready for Setup…” and it illustrates you the instructions for the installation process.
  4. But, before we move into the installation process, make sure you have the Alexa app installed on any of your mobile devices (whether it might be Android or iOS).
  5. Now, launch the Alexa app on your mobile device and navigate to Alexa Settings tab.
  6. Choose the “Echo Dot offline” option and navigate to “Echo Dot Setup” screen.
  7. Now, you can find the instructions manual from the Alexa app.
  8. Press the “Action” button continuously for five seconds on the device to set up the device and click on “Continue” button from the Alexa app.
  9. Now you will be navigated to “Manually connect the Echo Dot” screen
  10. Connect to the Amazon Wi-Fi network and click on “Continue” button from “Alexa” screen to finish the setup process. This process takes a few minutes, and once you have done with installation voiceover tells you that you have done with the configuration process.

Now, let’s get into different ways of connecting the Amazon Echo Dot device.

Connect Amazon Echo Dot to mobile

You can connect Amazon Echo Dot to mobile in two respects. Either using Bluetooth option or using Wi-Fi connection. Let’s see how we can perform those.

set up amazon echo dot on mobile

Connect Amazon Echo Dot to WiFi

To connect Amazon Echo Dot to WiFi, navigate to the Wi-Fi settings screen and choose the Wi-Fi network as “Amazon” and connect to it or you can switch to it. Now, you can hear a voice saying that “You linked to Echo Dot.” This way you can connect the device to WiFi network.

Connect Amazon Echo Dot to Bluetooth

To connect Amazon Echo Dot to Bluetooth, navigate to Home screen of the Alexa app and choose “Customize Alexa’ option. Now, select Bluetooth option and connect it to the device via Bluetooth.

And, the most interesting thing is that you can even pair up Amazon Echo Dot with a remote device.

Using Alexa commands

Alexa uses the primary language that we use to make everyone better understand the commands. The following are the list of Alexa commands that we can use while using the Amazon Echo Dot.

Alexa Commands List

  • To ask for help:- “Alexa, help.”
  • To play music:- “Alexa, play music.”
  • To change volume:- “Alexa, louder,” “Alexa, set the volume to,“ “Alexa, turn up the volume,” “Alexa, turn down the volume.”
  • To stop the current functionality that is running:- “Alexa, stop.”
  • To pause the current functionality, that is running:- “Alexa, pause.”
  • To choose different kinds of media types:- “Alexa, play the music of <this> kind.”
  • To mute the device:- “Alexa, mute.”
  • To unmute the device:- “Alexa, unmute.”
  • To set a sleep timer:- “Alexa, set a sleep time for <certain> minutes.”
  • To Restart a song:- “Alexa, restart.”
  • To set alarm:- “Alexa, set an alarm for <time>”
  • To set a timer:- “Alexa, set a timer for <time>.”
  • To know the date/time:-”Alexa, what’s the date/time.”
  • To snooze the alarm:- “Alexa, snooze.”
  • To cancel the alarm:- “Alexa, cancel alarm at <time>.”
  • To add an event to the calendar:- “Alexa, add an event to the calendar.”
  • To create a to-do list: – Alexa, create a new to-do list.”
  • To know the news headlines:- “Alexa, what’re today’s news headlines.”
  • To know the weather condition:- “Alexa, what’s the weather condition today.”
  • To know the nearby restaurants:- “Alexa, find the nearby restaurants.”
  • To know the latest movies:- “Alexa, what are the most recent movies that are playing in the theater.”
  • To play the most recent albums:- “Alexa, play latest album songs.”
  • To Turn On the light if you are using smart devices:- “Alexa, Turn On the Light.”
  • To Turn Off light:- “Alexa, Turn Off light.”
  • To lock the door:- “Alexa, Lock the door.”
  • To find any mathematical calculations:- “Alexa, calculate rupee to dollar conversion,” “Alexa, Calculate CMs to KMs conversion” etc…
  • To switch among your accounts:- “Alexa, switch to <account>.”
  • To Turn On TV:- “Alexa, Turn On TV.”
  • To Turn Off TV:- “Alexa, Turn Off TV.”
  • To Turn On the Fan:- “Alexa, Turn On the Fan.”
  • To Turn Off fan:- “Alexa, Turn Off the fan.”
  • To adjust temperature:- “Alexa, Adjust Temperature to <degrees>.”
  • To discover the smart home devices nearby:-“Alexa, Find my Smart Home Devices.”
  • To locate the phone using TrackR Lost My Phone:-“Alexa, track my phone using TrackR Lost My Phone.”
  • To have fun listening to jokes:- “Alexa, tell me a joke.”

What not you can convert every instruction for you to a command and can make use of it and them to your commands list.

Amazon Echo Dot features

Coming to Amazon Echo Dot features, they are undefined. Seriously you can feel more comfortable when you start making use of this device. Let’s have a glance at its features.

Alexa Supports from Any Room

With the Amazon Echo Dot, you can connect from any room in the house and operate the smart devices which locate at different places in your house. You can operate any smart device or listen to music or news with the Amazon Echo Dot device.

Echo Dot Sensors

Be smarter with the smart device

As the brain of Amazon Echo Dot device built in the cloud, it reacts proactively and provides Smarter responses for each of your commands. You will be amazed at its Smart brain, and you can feel like you have an assistant always with you who is unpaid. You can order for pizzas; you can book Uber rides, track your fitness with Fitbit and you can do lot more Smart actions with the smart device.

Voice Control over your smart devices

If you have a smart home with the smart devices which can connect to Amazon Echo Dot, then you can take control over the smart devices with the basic commands. You can turn on/off the switches, lights, and TV, etc. with voice control. You can run all the smart devices just with voice control.

Voice Control Music

If you are playing music over a media player, you need not move there each time to change the track of the music or to adjust volume. Just adjust volume or Change the Track with a voice control. Yes, with Amazon Echo Dot you can control all these features over the media player. It reduces a lot of time to you and saves energy.

Far-Field Voice Recognition

With the built-in cloud server, it can recognize the voice from anywhere and respond immediately. It can react to the questions related to the locations, restaurants which are nearby using the cloud server.

Amazon Echo Dot Battery Life

The Amazon Echo Dot battery can last up to 8 hours when it is in standby mode and up to 5 hours when in use.

Charging amzon echo dot

Amazon Echo Dot Alternatives

There are several other Amazon Echo Dot Alternatives, and amongst those, we have brought you the list of top 10 alternatives to the Echo Dot. The alternatives to Echo Dot are listed below:

Mycroft voice controller

It is a different smart home controller which bypasses through hardware basing on Raspberry Pi and Arduino single board computers, and it costs you approximately around 150 dollars.

Atom Homey voice assistance

This customizable smart home controller costs you around 200 pounds.

 IVEE voice controller

This smart home controller and wireless device cost you around 100 dollars.

Cubic voice controller

This voice player smart home controller device costs you around 195 dollars.

Amazon Echo Tap

The compatible Amazon Tap costs you around 129.99 dollars.

Google Home

The Google Home device acts a best smart home controller aka speaker and is available for you at 139 dollars.

Apple Home Kit

This apple device which can be easily controllable with your iPhone acts as a smart home controller and costs you around 249 dollars.

HAL voice controller

This device doesn’t have any hardware support and completely relies on the computer, and it is also very high in price and costs you around 500 dollars.

Sonos Play voice controller

The Sonos Play can only act as your speaker, which cannot act a smart home controller is available for you at 195 dollars.

CastleHub voice controller

Based on the CastleOS, focusing on the smart home functionalities it costs you around 499 dollars and is high in price.

These are the top 10 alternatives to Echo Dot which are available in the market.

Best Amazon Echo Dot Accessories

So, far we have seen that Echo Dot can best act as a smart home controller. Now, let’s list out the best Amazon Echo Dot Accessories which you can bring to your home to make your home as smart home. The list of accessories which you can get are listed below:

Wireless Light Bulbs for Alexa

These Smart light bulbs can be controlled wirelessly with the Echo Dot. In the recent days “Philips Hue Ambiance Starter Kit, 3 A19 bulbs” are best compatible with the Alexa app and can be easily controlled with the Echo Dot.

Smart Thermostats

The Smart Thermostats can also be better controlled with the Echo Dot. The “Sensi Smart Thermostat UP500W” which runs through WiFi can be easily controlled using the Alexa and Echo Dot.

Smart Plug Outlets

The Smart Plug outlets are the easiest sources to turn on and off the electronic devices using Amazon Echo Dot. The “TP-Link Smart Plug HS 100” which runs over WiFI and which doesn’t require any hub can be used to control your devices from anywhere with the Echo Dot.

Bluetooth Speakers

To have loudspeakers at your home or any location instead of running with the regular inbuilt speakers that Echo Dot is having, we can use the smart Bluetooth Speakers. Using the “Amazon Tap” which is best compatible with the Echo Dot device and Alexa app, you can play music and adjust volume as per requirement without moving the speakers each time. You can adjust the volume or play music with just simple commands.

Smart Door Locks

It is fun when we take control of the devices smartly. But it is always easy to take control over the electronic devices like TV, Media player, etc. How fun it is when we look after special equipment in a smart way.

With the Echo Dot, you can even take control over your doors. If you have smart doors in your house, you can easily lock or unlock them with this device. “August Smart Lock – latest generation” is one of them which provides the smart feature of locking and unlocking the door using Alexa and Amazon Echo Dot.

These are the top 5 best Amazon Echo Dot Accessories which you can bring home to make your home a smart home and surprise everyone with the best equipment and features you possess at your home. Never waste your time or energy by moving here around, the just seat at a location and operate all the equipment at your home in a smarter way. You can find magic in your hand with this device of sure and relax well by making use of the Amazon Echo Dot and its accessories.

Amazon Echo Dot Price

So far, we have seen the top 10 alternatives to the Echo Dot along with their prices. Now, let’s see the price of the device. The Amazon Echo Dot device with all the complete set of features costs you just around $49.99 and is available for you both online and offline in the stores. You can even get it from Amazon site with several discounted offers. When compared to other smart home controllers this device cost less and provides you all the best features.

Amazon Echo Dot FAQs

  • What is the size of Amazon Echo Dot? – The size of Amazon Echo Dot is 32mm x 84 mm x 84 mm (1.3” x 3.3” x 3.3”)
  • In which colors Amazon Echo Dot is available? – It is available in 6 different colors, Indigo Fabric, Merlot Leather, Charcoal Fabric, Saddle Tan Leather, Sandstone Fabric and Midnight Leather.
  • What is the warranty and service period for the device? – 90 days limited warranty and service time is provided for the Device, and if required we can choose option 1 and two years of warranty separately for US customers.
  • What is the weight of the device? – It weighs around 163 grams.
  • Does it supports hands-free voice control for Mac OS X devices? – No, it doesn’t support hands-free voice control for Mac OS X devices.
  • What are the system requirements to connect to the Device from a mobile? – You need Android, iOS or Fire OS on your mobile to connect to the device via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
  • Does it support ad-hoc WiFi networks? – No, it doesn’t support ad-hoc WiFi networks.
  • Is there any built-in speaker support for the device? – Yes, there is.
  • Can we connect the device to external speakers? – Yes, we can do with the 3.5 mm stereo audio output.
  • How to charge the device? – You can charge the device with the USB cable and plug provided with the Device.
  • Does it supports Bluetooth connectivity? – With Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) support you can connect to the devices via Bluetooth.
  • Does it connect to Bluetooth devices asking PIN? – No, it does not help connecting to Bluetooth devices that are requesting for the PIN.