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Amazon Echo
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Amazon Echo

In this post, you can find an overview of “What is Amazon Echo?”, “Amazon Echo Services,” and “Amazon Echo features?” etc., Let’s have a glance of each of these sections.

What is Amazon Echo?

Amazon Echo is a hands-free speaker which can be controlled with your voice. It is designed in such a way that it can recognize the voice-based commands and respond to it. It not only works a speaker but also helps in organizing many of your activities.

In short, Amazon Echo is a little Robot which can manage your activities based on your instructions. Using the Alexa app which is installed on your Android or iOS mobile phone, you can take control over this device. Connect your Amazon Echo device to your smartphone using Alexa app either through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi or pair the device using the Remote options.

Alexa commands

When you connect your device using Wi-Fi make sure you are connected to Amazon network so that pairing of the devices is easy. And, to connect using Bluetooth option make sure Bluetooth is enabled on both the devices and paired successfully. It is how you can pair up Amazon Echo device with your mobile phone.

Amazon Echo Services

Now, let’s look into the services provided by Amazon Echo. We already said it acts like a small Robot, but to justify it let’s look into the services provided by it. You can order food, play music, search for vocabulary, find Google Calendar, book a ride and you can even control your smart home.

The services offered by Amazon Echo are more helpful in our day to day activities, and you can get more ideas on the services when youlook into the features of it because each feature turns into ‘n’ number of services. So, never count the services in hand. Each feature provides multiple distinct features which make you feel comfortable when making use of them.

Amazon Echo Alexa

Amazon Echo Features

Here, is the time to find Amazon Echo Feat
The features of Amazon Echo below:

Voice Control Music

You can play music and change the album or track based on voice commands instead of controlling them manually. Just say, “Alexa, play music” or “Alexa, play album” to play your desired music.

Far-Field Voice Recognition

With the beam forming technology that uses the array of seven microphones which built on Amazon Echo, it can recognize the voice from any direction in your home or a vast area.

Smarter Technology and Skills

With the integrated Cloud-based server, it can receive your voice and respond to it. It can provide you many features and services with the cloud-based server integration. For Example, you can book a ride or order a Pizza using Amazon Echo.

Smart Home Control

If you have smart devices in your home, then you can easily control them with your Amazon Echo. For example: if you want to turn on smart lights, just say “Alexa, turn on lights” that’s it. Just with simple commands, you can control your smart home.

Amazon Echo Battery Life

Amazon Echo Battery

You cannot expect the battery life of Amazon Echo as it doesn’t have any battery in it, but you can connect to a portable battery pack or can connect to a power source using the USB cable to continue making use of it.

Amazon Echo Accessories

You can get few Amazon Echo Accessories which helps to protect your device and to make your home a smart home. The accessories you can get are:

  • Protective Case for Amazon Echo
  • WeMo Wi-Fi enabled switch
  • GE Link Wireless Smart LED Bulb
  • Philips Hue Starter Kit
  • Caseta Wireless Dimmer Kit
  • TP-Link HS100 or HS 110
  • Lyric T5 Wi-Fi Thermostat

These are the few Amazon Echo Accessories that you can bring your home and convert it into a smart home with simple steps.

Amazon Echo FAQ

  • What is the price of Amazon Echo? – It costs you $179.99.
  • What is the weight of the device? – It weighs around 1064 grams
  • What are the items included in the box? – Amazon Echo, USB cable/power adapter and a start up guide.
  • Is it necessary to have Alexa app installed on the mobile phone to make voice-based control? – Yes, we need to have Alexa app installed on the mobile phone to make the voice-based control.
  • How many years of warranty and service provided for this device? – Only one year of warranty and service period provided for this device and US customers this can be extended to the next two years if required.
  • Are there any cons with this device? – The main drawback of this is you need to provide continuous power supply to make use of this device as it doesn’t possess battery life.

Bring Amazon Echo to your home today and enjoy the luxury of taking advantage of it.

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