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Amazon Echo Connect Alexa Device Features and Price

Amazon Echo Connect

Amazon has come up with one more new product for its users. So, for most of you guys got familiarized with Amazon Echo and it’s time for a new product that helps to make your calls easy. Let’s have a glance at “What is Amazon Echo Connect?”,”How to setup Amazon Echo Connect?”, “Amazon Echo Connect price” and “Amazon Echo Connect Features”.

What is Amazon Echo Connect?

Echo Connect is the latest product that is released by Amazon with a special feature to make calls. You can now make calls either through landline or VoIP service using this latest device. With this latest feature available on the Echo device, you can now make or receive calls from anywhere in your home. For this, you need to sign up for Alexa Calling and Messaging app on an iPhone with iOS 9.0 or later versions of iOS or on an Android phone with Android 5.0 or later versions.

In order to sign up for Alexa Calling and Messaging app, you need to have an Amazon account, mobile number(optional). Here, mobile number is set to optional as you can also make calls internet service and even if you are entering your mobile number it will not charge you as part of your data plan. Now, let’s get into setup process.

How to setup Amazon Echo Connect?

The setup process is very simple. Before, that ensure you are placing the Echo Connect device, near to a power outlet and standard telephone jack/ Wi-Fi router/ Analog Telephone Adapter. Follow the below steps to complete the setup process.

connect Amazon Alexa Device

  1. Connect the Echo Connect device to a power outlet with the cable provided
  2. Now, on the other port connect the cable and plug the other end of the cable to a telephone jack/ Wi-Fi router/ Analog Telephone Adapter
  3. You can even connect to two sources like Wi-Fi router and telephone jack
  4. And, then turn on the device and open Alexa Calling and Messaging app on your smartphone.
  5. Search for the Echo devices and connect it on your app.

Now, you can start making or receiving calls using the smart Echo device. Just make instructions to make a call or attend a call, that’s it Echo and Alexa will take care of the rest.

Amazon Echo Connect Features:

Coming, to the features of Echo Connect, along with the regular functionalities it also helps to make or receive calls. It makes your calls smarter so that by just sitting at your place you can operate your calls more effectively and smartly. Say, Echo Connect whom do you wish to call using Alexa app and by just sitting at your current place or by roaming here around in your home, you can attend your calls.

echo connect with amazon devices

You can either make mobile calls or even VoIP calls from anywhere across your room similar to how you make your regular calls. You can sync all your contacts with Alexa, such that you can never search for a number. Just say your instruction to make your call and you can enjoy the wonderful experience when you start making calls using the latest Echo device.

Amazon Echo Connect Price:

The Amazon Echo Connect is available at a price of just $34.99 and if you wish to get an Ooma Telo along with your Echo device, you can get it at a combo offer of $114.98. This Echo device is available at an affordable price, so just shop for the latest Amazon product and enjoy the joy of making calls on your Echo Connect. Don’t miss this wonderful product, hurry up and get it to your home.