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Become a Fashionista with Amazon Echo Look

Well, from the past couple of years Amazon devices are paving their ways into our homes and lives with increasing levels of creativity and boldness. To the amazement, Amazon has come up with “Amazon Echo Look” which is a voice-controlled camera that can help you with fashion tips to show off your wardrobe without asking friends or taking mirror selfies. The camera is specifically designed to take fashion photos from different angles to help you when you are not sure about your outfit.

The device works with a fashion specialist advice and tricky algorithms to provide you a second opinion about your fashion style. Have a glance at some of its features that are worth noting:

Amazon Echo Look Features:

  • Hands-Free Camera and Style Assistant

The hands-free camera snaps a full-length photograph of you using your voice. It has a built-in microphone to understand when you say, ” Take a photo.” The camera performs amazingly well by blurring the background so that you can have a clear picture of the judgment. You can even say, “Alexa, take a video” and walk around to understand how the outfit looks when you are moving. So, with Amazon Echo Look, you need not take full-length mirror selfies.

The Smart Style Assistant can help you with a second opinion based on the current outfit about what will look best on you. Great, Isn’t it?

  • See your Style From Different Angles

Amazon Echo Look features Hands-free camera that enables you to have pictures designed from various angles to provide a better image and judgment of your outfit. A 360-degree view of your outfit would provide a better insight into understanding how you look. You can even ask the device to make a short video. Further, you can download Amazon echo look app which would synchronize with the device to create a person lookbook.

The person lookbook would have all your snapshots of past and present enabling you to browse your looks and make your outfits pop.  Well, we must agree on this something that mirror selfies could also not do.

  • Have a percentage of Style Check

The device takes a step further than just taking your photos; Amazon echo look is equipped with advanced machine learning algorithms in hardware and software synchronization with fashion specialists that advice you for optimizing your fashion sense.

For example, post your two photographs and get real-time recommendations and a second opinion from fashion experts.  The style check would come up with a percentage of which style suits your body shape, color, as per the current trends. You can even share the pictures you clicked and the suggestions with your friends.

  • Get Smarter with Echo Look

Since smartphones have taken over the developed world, people need to learn how to use these gadgets to their advantage. This time you can become smarter by following Amazon’s integrated approach. The time had gone when people used to surf a lot of websites to understand the current fashion trends in the market.

Get smarter with Amazon echo look, which lets you even decide your outfit according to the event you look the dress for. For example, different suggestions for different events like, business party, casuals, wedding, birthdays, etc.

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Further, you can ask Alexa to set Alarms, reminders for you. You can even get weather updates, traffic updates and play random music by just asking it. Moreover, Amazon Echo Look is based on cloud technology, so further updations and bugs fixation would continue, making this world a whole new better and smarter place.

Technical Details and Specifications of Echo Look

Amazon Echo Look is a standalone selfie machine that makes a perfect fashionista. Without further ado, feast your eyes on all technical Details and Specifications of Amazon Echo look which we believe would surely match your wish list.

  • Built-in LED lighting Camera

There are four LED lights present below the middle half of the device. The fundamental purpose of the LED lights is to flash vigorously to have a clear shot to make your outfits pop and give you a clean and remarkable photograph for sound judgment.

  • Hands-Free Camera

The Hands-Free camera has a built in depth sensor to blur the background of the photo to provide you with a clear full-length snapshot. Echo Look uses 5-megapixel camera which gives an edge in taking glaring photographs. The camera has an intelligent background blur system that would blur the picture according to the lighting and color effects and provide you with a far better clear image than before.

  • Microphone Array

Thankfully, Amazon Echo look has a microphone array that is likely to increase the interest of people in buying this device. It is present at the top of the device and is responsible for making Amazon echo look a voice-controlled gadget. You can just simply ask Alexa to take your photo or make a small video of your look.

Moreover, on the side of the device, there is a camera and microphone off button for privacy concerns. You need not worry that the device is recording and clicking every movement of yours. So, like other devices, the developers of Amazon echo look has saved it from security mounting serious questions from the critics.

  • 6 Watt Speaker embedded Echo Look

On the sound front, this device has one of the most impressive speakers of the grace market, i.e., 1.6 Watt speaker that is packed with a reasonably decent immersive 360 degrees sound. You can listen to the weather news, traffic updates, trending news, etc. through this speaker. Unless you are a major audiophile expecting music beats, you will find nothing to complain about the sound quality.

  • Mic and Camera Off Button

As for the feature set, Amazon echo look utilizes a mic and a camera off button. As discussed earlier, this off button has been used keeping in mind the privacy concerns of an individual. So you need not worry about a breach of privacy or anything like that because whenever you don’t need to click photographs or ask echo look to answer your questions, you can simply turn it off.

  • Standard Tripod Socket Style

The device can fit nicely with any of your places in your dressing room or even in your bedroom with the help of Standard Tripod Socket as it has adjustable mounts in the bottom so that you can hang it on your wall using an included kit that comes along with the device.

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Other Specifications of Echo Look

  • The size dimensions include:
    Height 6.3”
    Width 2.4”
    Depth 2.4”
  • You can download Echo Look App on your iPhone or Android smartphone which will synchronize all your snapshots and videos to help you with better judgments from fashion experts. You can even enjoy three years of free unlimited storage on the amazon cloud to store your photos and videos safely.
  • For advanced technology capabilities, the device uses Intel Atom x5-Z8350 processor to provide you with quick responses.

Where to Buy Amazon Look?

Currently, the only best way to acquire this incredible product is through Amazon’s official website. The device is a bit pricey at about $200. Well, once you purchase the gadget, get to enjoy with full Alexa functionality plus hands-free photo and video.