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So far, we have seen many amazing products from Amazon like Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Dot, Amazon Echo Dot 2 and Amazon Tap etc.. Now, it’s time for one more new product from Amazon i.e., Amazon Echo Spot. It is designed with most advanced features compared to the other Echo products Amazon has released so far.  In this post you will have a clear view of What is Amazon Echo Spot?, Amazon Echo Spot Features?, Amazon Echo Spot unboxing? And How to use Amazon Echo Spot? Etc.. Let’s have a glance at them.

What is Amazon Echo Spot?

The Amazon Echo Spot is one of the best looking Echo products. It is versatile, Alexa toting video device that makes your device feel like a video and audio device rather than the regular Echo audio devices. Coming to its functioning it not only provides the features of a regular Amazon Echo device, it is designed to provide the features beyond it.

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Amazon Echo Spot Features

The following are features of Echo Spot

  • Make or attend video calls from it.
  • Watch videos on Amazon Prime and other sources
  • Listen to audio songs
  • Operate your smart devices smartly
  • Ask Alexa to show baby monitors, front door camera and can also lock your doors
  • Attend calls and get reminders, alarm etc…
  • You can also instantly connect to any echo device around your home

Amazon Echo Spot Specifications

The Echo Spot is very small in size and coming to its design specifications it is of 4.1” x 3.8” x 3.6” inches dimension frame. It includes a front end camera with a 1.4-inch built-in speaker, four microphones along the top, a 3.5mm stereo port and 3 other buttons to control volume, mics, and camera.

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It has a 2.5-inches display which allows you to watch videos, see the feeds from smart cameras that are fixed in your home and to make video calls. You can even connect to an external speaker with the output jack available at the back of the device.

Amazon Echo Spot unboxing

When you get Spot, make sure it is sealed before you unbox it. Remove the seal and unbox it. You will the Echo Spot device, a 6ft power adapter/cable along with the user guide. Charge your device by plugging the cable backside of the device where you can see “Power” slot.Once your device is charged turn it on and check it’s functioning by going through the setup process.

How to use Amazon Echo Spot?

Once you are done with the unboxing of the kit, you can start the setup process. Follow the below instructions, to set up the device for use.

how to use echo spot video device

  1. Initially, charge the device by plugging the device into a power socket with the USB cable that is given inside the box
  2. Now, when the device gets turned on, you will see “Amazon” logo loaded on the screen
  3. Now, you can hear a voice “Hello, Your Amazon Echo Spot” is ready for Setup, and it illustrates you the instructions for the setup process. Tap on the play icon to listen to the instructions.
  4. Once done with listening to instructions, you will hear a sound again “Your Echo Spot is ready” and you can see time, news and weather on the screen when you swipe left and right.
  5. Swipe down from the top, you can find different Settings options there like brightness, night mode, and other settings.
  6. Tap on “Settings” icon and you can choose Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Theme, HomeCard, Night Mode, Do Not Disturb etc…
  7. You can even make use of your Echo Spot using Alexa, make sure you have the Alexa app installed on either of your Android or iOS mobile devices.
  8. Now, launch the Alexa app on your mobile device and navigate to Alexa Settings tab.
  9. Choose the “Echo Spot offline” option and navigate to “Echo Spot Setup” screen.
  10. Now, you can find the instructions manual from the Alexa app on your mobile.
  11. Press the “Action” button continuously for five seconds on the device to set up the device and click on the “Continue” button from the Alexa app.
  12. Now you will be navigated to “Manually connect the Echo Spot” screen
  13. Connect to the Amazon Wi-Fi network and click on “Continue” button from “Alexa” screen to finish the setup process. This process takes a few minutes and once you are done with setup, a voice over tells you that you are done with the setup process.

Now, let’s get into different ways of connecting the Amazon Echo Spot device.

Connect Amazon Echo Spot to mobile

echo spot video calling

You can connect Amazon Echo Spot to mobile in two ways. Either using Bluetooth option or using Wi-Fi connection. Let’s see how we can connect in either of these ways.

Connect Amazon Echo Spot to WiFi

To connect Amazon Echo Spot to WiFi, navigate to the Wi-Fi settings screen and choose the Wi-Fi network as “Amazon” and connect to it or you can switch to. Now, you can hear a voice saying that “You connected to Echo Spot”. This is how you can connect the device to WiFi network.

Connect Amazon Echo Spot to Bluetooth

To connect Amazon Echo Spot to Bluetooth, navigate to Home screen of the Alexa app and choose “Customize Alexa’ option. Now, choose Bluetooth option and connect to the device via Bluetooth.

Using Alexa commands

Alexa instructions were designed in such a way that they are very familiar and as we speak in our daily routine. The Spot device can understand human instructions and operates based on these commands. Just add the word “Alexa” before your instruction to make it understand your commands.

  • Alexa, make a video call to James.
  • Alexa, Play music.
  • Alexa, play videos on Amazon Prime.
  • Alexa, what’s time now.
  • Alexa, what is the weather condition around.
  • Alexa, switch on the lights etc…

Just use the basic commands to operate your smart device with fewer efforts.

Amazon Echo Spot Price

The  Amazon Echo Spot was released into the market at a price of $129.99 and you can purchase it online from Amazon website or it is even available in other online shopping sites or at stores.