Alexa Voice Assistant

Amazon Echo Tap Alexa Voice Controller Device

Amazon Echo Tap voice assistance

Amazon Echo Tap is a kind of portable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled speaker which is different from the regular speaker. In the regular speaker, we can only listen to music or sounds, but whereas with the Amazon Tap you can not only listen to music or sound, you can even know weather information, order a pizza, book a ride, tune to news and much more with the Alexa based voice service just like Amazon Echo Dot.

Amazon Alexa app

Alexa app is the one which helps to make voice recognition based instructions. To perform voice-based instructions, just install the Alexa app on your mobile phone having iOS or Android operating systems installed.

To connect the device to your smartphone, you can choose any of the three options available for connectivity. You can choose Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or pair remotely options to connect the Amazon Tap device to your mobile phone.

Amazon Tap Set up

With the Bluetooth settings option available on the device, you can pair up the device with mobile. Turn on Bluetooth on your mobile and the device and then pair them up. It is how you can pair the devices using Bluetooth option. To connect the devices using Wi-Fi network, switch to Amazon Wi-Fi network on your mobile phone to connect the devices. It is so simple and doesn’t require many efforts.

Amazon Tap Services

Now, coming to services offered by Amazon Tap, it not only provides the services provided by a regular speaker but it also provides many services. It responds to the questions posed by you like tuning to the latest news, retrieving weather information, and much more. You can even play music without any operation; you can just play the music with Alexa commands. You can also order pizza or book a ride using Amazon Tap. The services provided by Amazon Tap are, so cool and it is easy to make use of them with simple commands.

Amazon Tap Features

Now, let’s get into the features of Amazon Tap. The features of Amazon Tap are listed below:

Voice Based Commands

You can enjoy the services provided by Amazon Tap with the Alexa voice-based commands. Just say, “Play music” or “Order a pizza” to perform the voice-based actions.

Portability of Amazon Tap

About the portability feature, it is so easy to carry Amazon Tap anywhere you travel because of its compact size.You can even clip to your bag and travel where ever you desire.

Smarter Technology of Alexa Tap

With the cloud-based integrated technology, you can get information around the world, and you can make orders or bookings with Alexa, and Cloud Server integrated with Amazon Tap.

Dual Stereo Speakers

The dual stereo speakers with Dolby processing for crisp vocals, it provides 360 degrees of omnidirectional audio.

Amazon Tap Battery Life

The battery life of Amazon Tap extends up to 9 hours when there is a continuous playback, and even you can know the battery level with the Alexa app.

Amazon Tap Accessories

You can bring Sling Covers and Amazon Tap Charger and Cradle if you have missed the ones which you get along with the device as Amazon Tap Accessories to your home.

Amazon Tap cover

You can feel more comfortable to carry Amazon Tap wherever you travel and making use of it not only provides you entertainment but also manages your tasks with fewer efforts. Get Amazon Tap to your home and enjoy the fun in making use of it.

Amazon Echo Tap FAQ

The frequently asked questions related to Amazon Tap are listed below:

  • What are the colors available in Amazon Tap? – It is available in six different colors, Blue, Green, Black, White, Tangerine, and Magenta
  • What is the weight of the device? – It weighs around 109 grams.
  • How many of warranty and service provided for the device? – You offered with one year of warranty and service, and US customers can even extend it to two more years.
  • What is the size of the device? – The size of the device is 59 mm x 66 mm x 66 mm.
  • What kind of Audio support provided with the device? – Dual 1.5-inch drivers and dual passive radiators for bass extensions provided for Audio support.
  • What items do we get with the Amazon Tap kit? – You will get Charging Cradle, adapter, micro USB cable and quick start guide along with Amazon Tap inside the box.